Today, more than ever before, bad debt poses a grave threat to business. Over the years, the spectre of bad debt has accounted for the demise of many a leading corporation. Fortunately, there is an answer: the risk of bad debt can be managed in a constructive, cost-effective way: through Niche Credit Risk Solutions.


Throughout our more than 20 years as a specialist credit risk solutions provider, Niche has devised innovative strategies to assist our clients in coping with the potentially damaging effects of a payment default. In fact, we currently provide cover to many businesses, insuring in excess of R90 billion per annum.


Our business is founded on the principle of cast-iron integrity, we place the interests of our clients before anything else, and this is the driving consideration in all our negotiations on their behalf.


Our focus is singular, our service is committed, and our solutions are the best that you can get.